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In the city of Compton, California!

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Visit the City of Compton's Homepage


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HomeDistrict Officers

District Officers
 12th District Representative Brother James Walker (Sigma Iota) – Email:
• 1st Vice District Representative Brother Dennis Martinez (Theta Pi) – Email:
•2nd Vice District Representative Brother James Harris (Zeta Mu) – Email:
• District Keeper of Records and Seal Brother Ronan Hill (Tau Tau) – Email:
• District Keeper of Finance Brother Timothy Waters (Sigma Iota) – Email:
• District Counselor Brother William Edwards (Tau Alpha Alpha) – Email:
• District Chaplain Brother Michael Brown (Eta Alpha Alpha) – Email:
• District Public Relations Officer Brother Myron Reed (Mu Alpha Alpha) – Email:
• District Marshal Brother Donovan Slack (Rho Iota Iota) – Email:
• Immediate Past District Representative Brother Fred Alexander (Alpha Rho) – Email:

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