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HomeScholarships Pages

Compliments of

1) Ron Brown Scholarships
2) FastWEB Scholarship Search
3) United Negro College Fund Scholarships
4) Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships
5) Intel Science Talent Search
6) Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
7) FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to
Financial Aid (scholarships)
8) United Negro College Fund
9) Gates Millennium Scholarships (Annual)
10) McDonald's Scholarships (Annual)
11) Broke Scholars Scholarships
12) National Society of Black Engineers Scholarships
13) National Merit Scholarships
14) College Board Scholarship Search
15) Black Excel Scholarship Gateways
16) FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
17) LULAC - National Scholastic Achievement Awards
18) Scholarship & Financial Aid Help
22) Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships
23) Siemens Foundation Competition
25) International Students Scholarships & Aid Help
26) Historically Black College & University Scholarships
17) Guaranteed Scholarships
28) Hope Scholarships and Lifetime Learning Credits
29) Presidential Freedom Scholarships
30) Sports Scholarships and Internships
31) Student Video Scholarships
32) Student Inventors Scholarships
33) Decca Scholarships
35) Scholarships Pathways
36) Private Scholarships For Seniors
38) Chela Education Financing “Gateway to Success Scholarship”
39) Princeton Review Scholarships & Aid
40) American Legion Scholarships
41) Free Scholarship Search
42) 2005 Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest
43) Horace Mann Scholarship Program
44) Ayn Rand Institute
45) The David and Dovetta Wilson Scholarship Fund—
46) Congressional Hispanic Scholarships
48) College-Bound High School Seniors - Scholarships
49) AFROTC High School Scholarships
50) Minority Scholarships
51) Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students
52) The Elks National Foundation Scholarships
53) Art Deadlines and Scholarships
55) African American Scholarships
56) Marine Corps Scholarships
57) Research for Women & Minorities Underrepresented in the Sciences
58) Tylenol Scholarships
59) Undergraduate Scholarships (Health)
60) STATE FARM INSURANCE Hispanic Scholarships
61) National Scholarships at All Levels
62) Burger King Scholars (Annual Awards)
66) Project Excellence Scholarships
67) Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarships
68) United States National Peace Essay Contest
69) Gateway to 10 Free Scholarship Searches
71) Americorps
72) Sports Scholarships and Internships
73) 100 Minority Scholarship Gateways
75) American Chemical Society Scholarships
77) Scholarships List and Search
78) New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence
79) Hispanic Scholarship Fund
80) Scholarship Research Center: US NEWS
81) Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide Online
82) College Net Scholarship Search
83) Scholarships For Hispanics

85) Actuary Scholarships for Minority Students
86) Astronaut Scholarship Foundation
87) ELA Foundation Scholarships (disabled)
88) Indian Health Service Scholarships
89) Minority Undergraduate Fellows Program
91) College Connection Scholarships
92) Super College Scholarships
94) Comprehensive Recourse List (All cultures)
95) Scholarship Database (Alphabetical Listing)
98) National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (NABJ)
99) Science and Engineering Student Scholarships
100) The Roothbert Fund Scholarships
 101) Gateway to 10 Free Scholarship Searches


102) Federal Scholarships and Aid
103) International Students Help and Scholarships
104) NACME Scholarship Program
105) Black Excel Scholarship Gateway
106) Peterson's Aid and Scholarships Help
107) Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarships

108)  Coveted National Scholarships

109) 25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel

110) Martin Luther King Scholarships

111) Financial Aid Research Center

112) Art and Writing Awards

113) Wells Fargo Scholarships

114) Princeton Review Internships

115) Chicana/Latina Foundation

116) NCAA Scholarships and Internships

117) Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

118) Morris K. Udall Foundation Scholarships

119) A Better Chance Scholarships

120) Asian American Journalist Association

121) American Assoc. of University Women

122) Scholarships by State

123) State Agencies of Higher Education

124) Engineering School Scholarships

126) Scholarships and Fellowships List (Graduate Level)
127) Orphan Foundation of America
129) Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarships
130) American Fire Sprinkler Scholarship Contest
131) Mensa Scholarship Essay Scholarship
133) Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund (Activist)
135) Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships
136) Fridell Memorial Scholarship (Dale E.)
137) Alger Association Scholarships (Horatio)
138) Collegiate Inventors Competition
139) Alphabetical Index to Scholarships and Aid
140) National Security Scholarships Programs
141) Institutes of Health Scholarship Programs
142) Adventures in Education
 144) Verizon Scholarship Program
145) Michigan Community Scholarships (over 100)
146) College View's Scholarship Search
147) College Xpress Scholarship Search
148) Scholarships on the Net (1500 Links)
149) Scholarships, Prizes, and Honors (Cal based)

150) Cola-Coca Art & Film Scholarships

153) Red Cross Presidential Intern Program
154) Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships
157) Fellowship Database (Graduate)
158) Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
159) APS Minorities Scholarship Program (Physics)
160) The Minority/Disadvantaged Scholarship Program (architecture)
161) Music For The Blind
162) War Memorial Fund
163) Engineering Awards and Scholarships
165) Civil Air Patrol Scholarships
166) Various College scholarships List
167) Typical Scholarship Opportunities
171) Undesignated Scholarships (Engineering)
173) Scholarships for Minority accounting Students
174) Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students
175) Minority Scholarships (All levels)

178) Study Abroad Scholarships

182) Students of Color Scholarships
184) Fellowships and Scholarships
185) Dow Jones Scholarship and Program Listings
190) Jewish Scholarships
191) Scholarship Opportunities (graduate)
192) Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minorities
193) Scholarships in Many Areas
194) League Foundation: Alternative Lifestyles Scholarships

195) Datatel Scholarships

 196) Alpha Kappa Alpha Awards
197) National Black Police Assoc. Scholarships
198) Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship
199) National Black Nurses' Assoc. Scholarships
200) Scholarships Based on Ethnicity


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