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The History Of Tau Tau Chapter


The Compton Ques Welcome You!The chapter was founded February 3rd, 1961 in Compton, California. The chapter’s inception was spearheaded by Brother Rowland Powell.  Brother Powell had recently returned to the Compton area after distinctively serving in the Korean War.  He quickly identified inactive Omega Men in the surrounding area and set out to lead the way to establish what is now the largest graduate chapter in the 12th District.

With the help of Brothers John Snead, Huey Dredd, James Stansil, Mckinley Exum, Sidney Purdle, Marco Vallery, Johnson Maner, Sylvester Ward, Thomas Gibson and Wlifred Smith, Tau Tau chapter quickly grew. Brothers Vallery, Maner, Purdle, and Stansil are still active members of the chapter to date. After renewing the enthusiasm of the brothers in the local area, Brother Powell relocated to Jackson, Mississippi where he established a successful veterinarian practice.

The Chapter was founded with 25 members. Brothers Ward, Dredd, Smith, Cox, and Vallery served as the first five Basilei respectively.  Through the years the chapter expanded their service to the community through voter registration drives, civil rights activities both in Los Angeles and Compton and community affairs.  The Brothers soon found themselves with a strong core of Quettes assisting them in their tasks, a positive working relationship with the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta and three new members of the Lampados Club later initiated into the fraternity: Brothers Willie Alexander, Daniel Davis and Charles Banks.

One of the chapter’s most successful events was the Omega Boat Ride held in San Pedro, California.  Adding fuel to the fire Brother Jimmy Evans and Albert Robinson served as sterling examples of leadership in their community.  However, the seventies became a tumultuous period for the chapter as it relates to membership.  Although the roster reached a record high of 30 members, many members moved for the Los Angeles and Compton area due to job transfers and promotions but the chapter preserved and the aforementioned Basilei made sure that the service of the chapter continued and its transitions in the decade endured. 

As the eighties rolled around Brother Mark Iles came aboard.  Recruited by Brother Joe Cole Sr.,

Brother Iles worked to revitalize the chapter and set it on its progressive course.  During the administration of Brother Mark Iles and Marcus A. Bedford, the chapter began regular meeting attendance.  Through their leadership and vision, Tau Tau was now represented at all 12th District Meetings, Leadership Conferences and Grand Conclaves throughout the decade.  Tau Tau reached new heights under the guidance of these administrations.

Tau Tau continued to grow through reclamation, the Selection and Education Process. The nineties became a pivotal decade of the chapter.  The chapter set out to complete all mandated programs set forth by the fraternity and align itself with the directives of the 12th District and International Headquarters.

The Mighty Tau Tau was selected as the chapter of year two consecutive years in a row, 1991 and 1992, respectively.  During the 1992 Grand Conclave the fraternity recognized Brother Marcus A. Bedford his outstanding and consistent works, as the recipient of the Superior Service Award. The chapter has also received numerous Reclamation Chapter of the Year awards to boot.  Through the Membership Intake Process more brothers were brought into the chapter and the folds of Omega Dear.  These Brothers included current Basileus, Brother Todd E. May, who is the first Brother in the chapter’s 43-year history to serve as Basileus originally initiated through the chapter.

The nineties also saw the creation of the Youth Annual Leadership Conference heading into it’s 11th year with Brother Ricky L. Lewis serving as its director.  The Brothers of the Mighty Tau Tau began to load their wagons and rolled up their sleeves with a calendar of over 27 events listed.  Meeting the goals of all the nationally mandated programs other activities include the LA Watts Summer Games, Church Visits, Meals on Wheels, Voter Registration Drives, Walk-A-Thons, Easter Carnival, Martin Luther King Day Parade and float, Blood Drives, Cultural Symposiums, Career Day, Pan African Film Festival, Mentorship Program and their newly celebrated Annual Black Tie Scholarship Gala providing $10,000 scholarships to inner city youth not to mention supporting other area chapter’s events.  The Mighty Tau Tau went on the receive Chapter of the Year honors again in the nineties: 1996, 1998.

In the new Millennium, the Mighty Tau Tau continues to commit itself to the cardinal principals of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift by seeking to reach out and build bridges with other community and benevolent organizations as well as the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta.  The Mighty Tau Tau seeks to challenge itself and its steadfast body by raising the bar working towards revitalizing it’s undergraduate chapter, upholding the fraternal policies and procedures, bringing in new leaders through the Membership Selection Process and serving as the Boot Camp for leadership within the 12th District.  The Mighty Tau Tau chapter received Chapter of the Year honors again in 2000, 2002 and 2003 hoping to fulfill the standard set forth by our founders

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