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Gorilla Problems

Threats to gorillas | WWF

Conservation of threatened animals and endangered species. Sustainable management of their forests, seas, grasslands and mountains...

Threats to the survival of mountain gorillas | International Gorilla ...

The primary threat to mountain gorillas comes from forest clearance and degradation, as the region's growing human population struggles to eke out a living. ... a feeling of disenfranchisement among local communities, and insufficient regional collaboration all pose serious challenges and a source of threats to the...

Primate Factsheets: Gorilla (Gorilla) Conservation - Primate Info Net

All gorillas face a very high risk of extinction in the wild in the near future if current threats do not subside. Hunting, forest clearance for agriculture and timber, and disease are the main threats to gorilla survival and these problems continue to increase in intensity and extent. Gorillas, like many African primates, are also...

Humanity could face a 'gorilla problem' as AI evolves | Daily Mail ...

Apr 26, 2017 ... Humanity could face a 'gorilla problem' as AI evolves to become smarter than us, expert warns. Expert warns about making something 'smarter than your own species'; This could have same negative effects humans did on evolutionary ancestors; He says robots should be programmed with sense of...

But Did You See the Gorilla? The Problem With Inattentional Blindness

In our best-known demonstration, we showed people a video and asked them to count how many times three basketball players wearing white shirts passed a ball. After about 30 seconds, a woman in a gorilla suit sauntered into the scene, faced the camera, thumped her chest and walked away. Half the viewers missed her.

Disease and Trauma in Gorillas - Gorilla Doctors Gorilla Doctors

Samples are stored in a biobank for evaluation by researchers studying gorilla health issues. Dr. Eddy prepares to dart a sick mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park with antibiotics. Watch a video of the Gorilla Doctors darting a sick gorilla with antibiotics: Research* has shown that mountain gorillas can die as a result of...

Mountain Gorilla | Gorillas | WWF

The critically endangered mountain gorilla population is threatened by habitat loss, poaching, disease and war. Learn more about what WWF is doing to protect its ... The trade of gorillas and other threatened species as bushmeat is a problem throughout the Congo Basin. While recognizing the need for affordable protein for...

What do gorillas eat? And other gorilla facts | WWF

Does wildlife crime affect gorillas? The illegal trade of gorillas and other great apes is a problem across Central Africa. WWF works with partners to monitor this trade and advocates for more effectively enforced wildlife laws. Learn more about gorillas.

Threats and Challenges | Gorilla Agreement

Threats and Challenges. Gorillas are the largest of the great apes and play a vital ecological role in the forests of Central Africa. Despite their considerable economic, cultural and aesthetic value to many people worldwide, the future of gorillas is far from secure. The primary threats are poaching; habitat degradation and loss...

Mountain gorilla conservation - challenges ahead - Africa Geographic

Feb 22, 2017 ... Although a lot of measures have been put in place to protect mountain gorilla populations in Africa, there are still a number of on-going problems that affect the ape world. Governments and Non Governmental Organisation (NGOs) have held detailed discussions of how to achieve a safe haven for gorillas!

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